Sylwester 'Syl' Jack

Overly connected 30 year old.


Most of the time Sylwester forgets to shower and has greasy hair that is shaped with a three quarter part. He wears thick rimmed glasses. Sylwester always has his smartphone in his possession no matter what. He typically wears button up shirts tucked into his jeans pulled up well past his waist line. In his pocket protector he has a stylus, laser pointer, pen, interchangeable head screw driver, and a magnet pen. On his hip he carries a Galaxy Tab 7" in a holster.


Sylwester graduated in 2006 from MIT with Magna Cum Laude in Forensic IT as a major and Network Security as a minor. He would have achieved Summa Cum Laude if it hadn’t been for Thomas who cheated off him in a class causing him to get a C. He still has not forgiven Thomas and lives for retribution to this day.

Sylwester 'Syl' Jack

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