You belong to Acquisitions Management Inc. (Hereafter referred to as The Company or Company). We own you, bought and paid for at birth and it is the only life will ever know. We are in control of everything you do, and if you believe otherwise, just look in a mirror and remember what the scar on your neck means.

You and several others have been summoned to work on a small issue. A small town in Kansas has disappeared. Not just the people, but the buildings and everything else. High level Company mages are working around the clock to keep this covered up, people not belonging to The Company simply wind up on the other side of the nothingness that has appeared in the place of the town, passing through like nothing was ever there.

Your and your new team have certain abilities that will make you useful in the field. You are to be shipped out at 0900 tomorrow morning and will receive the rest of the briefing en route.

-Walter Brhenamen C.E.O.

City of the Dead

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